Cooking for One After Bariatric Surgery | WLS Video Course

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Whether you are single or you are often cooking meals just for you, the idea of spending time cooking is hard to feel like it’s “worth it.” Especially after weight loss surgery when portions are so small!

In this six part video course, I’ll share my favorite methods, tools and recipes that can be catered to single serving portions. These methods can be used again and again for a huge variety of recipes which keeps excitement in your diet. Bonus! It’s also better on your budget and on your weight loss to have control over your food compared to dining out. 

In episode one, I’ll show you a quick recipe for Italian Turkey Chili and how to freeze them into perfect 3-ounce portions that can be easily heated when you’re read.

In episode two, I’ll show you a delicious Zucchini Lasagna and my favorite containers for freezing them into single servings to eat when you’re ready!

In episode three, we’ll take one pound of ground turkey and split it for two very different meals. This keeps the variety in your diet but keeps your grocery bill lower!

In episode four, I’ll show you my favorite cooking tools for making single serving meals.

Episode five will show you how to leverage Pinterest for single serving meal ideas.