Dropping Body Fat Percentage.

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

January 28, 2014

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I’ve decided to share my current health goals with you.

So many of you share so many intimate things with me…now it’s my turn! We are all in this together trying to put our health above easy convenience and strong desires. I believe the more honest we are with one another, the more help and encouragement we experience!

During the 30 Day Wellness Challenge…I’ve had some struggles I didn’t anticipate. The biggest one- I can’t seem to clean up my eating any more than I already have. I’m used to seeing results from being so diligent in my eating, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere any longer. I cross my t’s and dot my i’s and follow everything I recommend to others.

Something else was needed. Even increasing my walks and workouts weren’t changing my body much. So, after visiting with my orthopedic doctor to get cleared to start working with a trainer (I’m still experiencing some back pain from our car accident) I made the appointment at the gym. Among the many things they assessed, one of them was my body fat percentage. This test can be conducted in a few different ways, and in this case it was using a biometric body fat testing device. (Similar to putting a stethoscope on your arm for the little machine to read your results.)

This is never fun. Let’s be serious. I don’t really desire to know what percent of my body is fat. Ish. Yuck. Ouch. Nooo.

For my gender and my age my body fat was categorized as  Fair. Being the competitive student that I am, I wasn’t very impressed.

They created a workout plan for me and showed me the ropes around the gym. Throughout my entire weight-loss journey I can honestly say I haven’t put a lot of dedication into strength and weight training. I have gone on countless walks, numerous Zumba classes, and tons of Turbo Kick at home. Sticking to a routine of bicep curls and lunges has not be my strong suite.

What I’m realizing lately, while it may seem simple, is that I have gotten as far as I can without truly bringing strength training into my life. And being the goal oriented person I am…I booked a 3 month appointment with the trainer to get re-evaluated. I put the date (April 22nd) in my planner and sat down to write my workout plan. I’ll be at the gym 4 days a week, alternating lower body and upper body, plus 2 days of at-home/outdoor exercising. I called one of my BFFs to ask her to be my accountability partner. I text her after each workout.

My goal is to lose 2% body fat by April 22nd. Because losing body fat percentage is more important to me than pounds. Because losing 2% body fat in 90 days seems realistic to me. And because losing 2% body fat puts me in the Good category. And I want to be in the good category (I don’t know that I need to be in the excellent category…good is good enough for me!)

If you go to a gym, consider scheduling an appointment to have your body fat percentage checked and focus on making THIS your goal instead of the number on the scale. The number on the scale should reflect your body fat decreasing anyway…though the percentage will likely be more accurate.

If you don’t belong to a gym, consider joining one! Many gyms offer 7 days for free or a guest pass for you to find out if it’s a good fit. Make sure it’s a convenient location and offers classes you might like. Also ask if they have a free assessment when you sign up!

So my goals are now public. They are known to others. This only increases my focus to achieve my goal- or at least do everything I know how to achieve it. Will you join me? What’s your next goal?? Here’s to posting a blog on April 22nd with good news!!!!

4 thoughts on “Dropping Body Fat Percentage.”

  1. Almost a month. I have maintained my weight, not lost. I have cooked tons more than I thought possible while working my full-time job. Now near the end, I have found an accountability partner where I least expected to see one. That is more strengthening than I expected it to be! Also, I am moving, physically, much more this month than I have since about September of 2013. I feel more equipped to take my health into my own hands, and I understand myself to be a human who needs fuel to function–too much gasoline just spews all over my clothes and makes the car smell funny, and then I fall asleep. I know when I’ve had it and can give myself a break. Thank you, Steph, for the free recipes this month; that helped so much! You are a wonderful coach/friend and the goddess of food! Sometimes I am not even hungry because you have given me so many food options that I don’t “feel like” a specific thing. Another way of saying what I mean is that I can just look at the pictures and read the recipes on this website, and then I’m full. Weird? Thank you.

  2. My goals for this year are to run a half marathon and fit into my clothes. I’ve struggled with weight maintenance and have had to lose the same 10 pounds three separate times. I’ve promised myself to not gain again. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I hope we can work out again.

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