Fall Focus Challenge: Preparing Your Mindset

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

October 20, 2019

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Fall Focus Challenge: Preparing Your Mindset

Get Focused Challenge for bariatric surgery patients

Challenge Starts October 31st, How to Prepare Now


It takes time to identify what your goal really should be.

This coming Fall 2019 Get Focused Challenge marks the SEVENTH challenge I have run for members to FoodCoach.Me. I learn something from every challenge and believe it truly gets better (thanks to input from member surveys!)

I have also noticed that as I am mentally preparing for the challenge as the host, I’m simultaneously thinking about what my own goal will be.

It really does take time to pinpoint what the goal should be.

You see, this challenge is not a specific challenge that I tell you to do. Rather it’s a challenge that asks you to identify what you feel the goal really is based on what root issues you need to address.

In the weeks leading up to the challenge I find myself almost daydreaming about what the goal would be. I find it’s like mental practice before I actually have to do it. This time around I’m considering making “don’t eat kids food” my specific goal and making it for 6 out of 7 days a week to allow for margin of goofing up.

My days get busy (join the club right?!) and I often remember to pack water and snacks for my two  young kids but forget my own snack.  When we are driving home and everyone is starving, I am too and end up eating a handful of animal crackers until we get home.

Making my goal not to eat the kid food is really a goal focused on planning ahead. If I just say “plan ahead” it gets hard to make that measurable. Giving myself time to think about my goal before the challenge starts allows me to really focus on what the pain points are and what I could do differently.

Goal Setting Tips

On the Get Focused Challenge, you fill in a food related goal and an exercise related goal on the goal tracker form. The tracker is getting a facelift and will be ready to view next week at enrollment time!

Goals are to be specific and measurable. I talk about that on this video:

Specific means you drill down what food item you are going to address. Measurable means you can say YES or NO if you reached the goal.

This is typically easier with exercise. I’m going to walk 20 minutes, three times a week. Walking is specific and 20 minutes, three times a week is measurable.

Goals members have had in the past

These are food related goals members have shared in the past if it helps you as you “daydream” about your own goal this challenge!

Drink 64 ounces of water each day (I’m not a water drinker)

No snacking after dinner, 6 nights a week

Food journal X days a week

Meal planning every Sunday

Log my food the day before according to my plan to help me stay on track

Keep my carbs 25% of my pie chart, 5 days a week

A few more coaching words on goal setting

For me there is a difference on giving examples of goals and actually LIVING one out. I have set goals a few different ways including “I will journal 4 days a week” and found that it’s a very challenging goal for me.

This is where I think personality does play in.


This time around my goal is a clear goal on specific foods not to eat. I will not eat the kid foods. In my house that’s a clearly defined item (animal crackers, peanut butter crackers, granola bars) and it forces me to plan ahead with my own snacks.

This clear line in the sand is easier for me to follow but also a great way to break a bad habit. Journaling is more of a lifestyle habit that requires you remembering to journal, remembering what you ate, etc. We all know food journaling is amazing in a weight loss journey! I’m not saying don’t make that your goal.

What I’m saying is stay honest with yourself when you set a goal.

The most common reason why someone fizzles out and doesn’t complete the challenge is because the goal was too lofty. It was asking a little more change than they could truly do at the time.

There is a LOT of excitement when a challenge gets started. But my tip, set your goal with week four in mind. Be honest with yourself. Better to set a goal that feels very reasonable and realistic than set something you struggle to keep up with and fizzle out before the end of 28 days.

Limiting Beliefs – Our Challenge Theme!

Final note! We do have a new theme this challenge: Limiting Beliefs

Here is a video where I announced the theme. 

Our Sunday night coaching calls will start with a 15 minute teaching on our theme.

As you think about goal setting, think about what you might be believing about yourself that you can challenge. What is one thing you think is true but really is limiting your progress? How can you put that into a challenge that can be measured?

Enrollment Opens 10/24

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