Bariatric Food Coaching: Should I Do a Reset Diet?

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

July 25, 2019

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Bariatric Food Coaching:
Should I Do a Reset Diet?

A video blog

Watch the full video blog for my thorough answer but I will also list out the main points of the video below.

This video is from a recent “Get Focused Challenge” that I just ran for members to my site. Three times a year we do a month of getting focused together – it’s awesome! This was a video I created when someone asked if they should do a reset diet at the beginning of the challenge month.


Should you do a reset diet?

The answer is that it depends.

This is a personal question based on what you tend to do the best with. For some patients going back to shakes for a few days is a great way to mental cleanse before they get back to a low-carb diet.

For others, just the word protein shake is revolting.

There are also a few different styles of a reset diet. In fact, this is a blog where I covered the different kinds of resets.

And THIS is a blog where I covered a no shake detox option.

If you are way off track and need helping kicking the carbs it really boils down to asking yourself what you think you would do best with. Do you tend to do well cleaning out your pantry and going back to shakes for a couple days then making a meal plan of meats and vegetable? Do that!

Are you not sure you are even focused enough to do that much and need to start smaller? It is OKAY to be kind and realistic with yourself. Maybe you need to start with throwing out the most tempting food in the house and drinking more water. Keep the goal very reasonable and once you hit that for a few days, you might just feel ready to pick up another one.

Oh yes, and another blog on kicking the carbs when you fall off the wagon.

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2 thoughts on “Bariatric Food Coaching: Should I Do a Reset Diet?”


  2. @Robin the main goal of the reset is to get high starch and high sugar foods out of your routine and break the craving cycle. Whichever ‘style’ of a reset you do whether it’s just planning ahead for good protein based meals with starches or doing a more structured plan – it’s just a temporary start to get you back on track. This is helpful no matter how many years! I wouldn’t feel you need to restriction how much you eat – just to try and stick with protein and veggies.

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