Private: Fall GET FOCUSED Challenge

Get Focused Week One

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October 31st to November 6th


Live Chat Recap

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Resources mentioned in the live chats:

Meal Plans Page – there are not designated meal plans for the challenge week. If you like following the meal plans, pick from the list on the page. A new one is added each week of the challenge.

Hunger Flow Chart – how to tell the difference between true hunger and head hunger. Taking care of physical hunger can better equip you to tackle boredom, habit or emotional eating.

Macro ‘Goals’ – link to the Most Asked Question blog which is always posted as the first blog. Scroll down to question three for macro goals.

Plant Based Diet and Bariatric Surgery – blog on the Vegan diet

Keto and Bariatric Surgery – lots of different styles of Keto but the traditional high fat keto diet can be hard on the GI tract after surgery.

Share your limiting beliefs!

As you uncover beliefs that are holding you back, share them with me! You can email me ( or tag me on the Facebook thread.

If you are in a group, share in your group! Others may find their limiting beliefs when you share what you are learning. The more you share, the more others will share and feel more connected in this journey.