Pantry Clean Out Challenge

Steph Wagner

December 27, 2020

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Pantry Clean Out Challenge



Welcome to the Annual Pantry Clean Out Challenge on Bariatric Food Coach


It’s that time of year…to clear the clutter once more!



Ever year I post this series of videos during the week between Christmas and New Years because there tends to be some free time to do it, and  usually the time we are sick of the extras!

The video series was filmed prior to 2020 when my website name was FoodCoach.Me…but it’s still me! The name changed early last year but in this crazy 2020 year I have not managed the time to re-film! Nonetheless, the content remains true.

Today’s video is a quick introduction to let you know the Pantry Clean Out Challenge is coming. There will be three additional videos coming this week including the “purge party” and how to re-stock your best bariatric pantry!



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2 thoughts on “Pantry Clean Out Challenge”

  1. Can you please send us the list of foods to discuss that you mention in the video please ?

  2. @Fiona Gallacher yes! The final video in the series now has a list of items I mentioned! Thank you for the comment and suggestion :)

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