Product Review: Quest Cereal Bars – Waffle Flavored

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

June 11, 2017

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It’s product review time! This time around we’re talking about the new Quest Cereal Bars which come in Waffle, Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate.

Have you noticed? There is ALWAYS something new coming on to the market and these reviews serve as a way to get informed about what others are finding to help them on their journey after weight loss surgery!

If you have a new product you’d like to write an honest review on, email me at to share here with others!

For product reviews, I like to fill out a simple form to give you the need to know information about the product along with two photos – the front of the package and the nutrition label.

Product Review Quest Cereal Bar | FoodCoachMe | Life After Bariatric Surgery


Product Review Quest Cereal Bar | FoodCoachMe | Life After Bariatric Surgery

Name of Product: Quest Cereal Bar, Waffle Flavored

Where it was purchased: HyVee Grocery Store (in Kansas) also available online

Cost: $1.99 for one bar

How it might be used: When traveling as a healthy breakfast alternative.

Thoughts/Review: Did not enjoy :/ I found this bar to have a blatant protein powder taste to it. It was chalky and then too sweet to make up for it. I appreciated the texture compared to a lot of dense bars (more like a cereal bar) but I found the taste to be a big miss. I only tried the Waffle flavor but I image the chocolate and cinnamon roll to be similar.

Considering it still has 17 grams of carbohydrates and the protein is a little on the lower end (12 grams) I am disappointed it didn’t come through with better flavor…especially with a name like Waffle!!! The cost is also pretty high for a bar that isn’t terribly filling.

For a fraction of the cost, Nature Valley Protein Bars are $3.48 (Walmart) for a box of 5 bars. They come in a handful of flavors and have 14 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein. I’d say this bar is comparable in both nutrition and how it could be used (breakfast while traveling). The biggest difference is that it taste better and cost $1.30 less ;-)

Submit your product reviews to! Just two photos of the product and these simple questions to share with everyone what you’ve found! (Good or bad!)


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