Saving WLS Recipes on Instagram – How to Create “Collections”

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

May 18, 2017

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Saving WLS Recipes on Instagram | FoodCoachMe


Did you know??

Instagram now has FOLDERS that you can save posts to!

Not unlike Pinterest, you can now create “Collections” similar to a “Board” on Pinterest.

Instagram has really picked up steam and is such a popular place for WLS patients to connect and congregate. In fact, MANY patients create a profile specific to their weight loss surgery journey and use “vsg” or “rny” in their handle.

Because you can easily switch between profiles, you can have a personal account that is for friends and family, and a completely different one that you use to connect with other bariatric patients. The image below shows how easy it is to change which profile you are using!


You probably already know about hashtags…and using a tag search on Instagram will get you instantly connected with many others on a journey just like you. Search for terms like #wlsrecipes or #gastricsleeve and you’ll instantly see other suggestions come up.

FoodCoachMe | WLS Recipes | Using Instagram for Recipes


That will certainly take you on a bunny trail for a little bit BUT if you find something you want to remember and save for later, like a recipe, you can select the “flag” icon and save it….

FoodCoachMe | WLS Recipes | Using Instagram for Recipes


To find the recipes later, go to your profile page and click on that same icon…

FoodCoachMe | WLS Recipes | Using Instagram for Recipes


From there you can click on the Plus Sign and name a new “Collection” such as WLS Recipes…

FoodCoachMe | WLS Recipes | Using Instagram for Recipes


How neat is that!?! There are SOOO many ways to collect and store information now…especially when it comes to recipes after Bariatric Surgery. Technology can play a HUGE part in your surgery journey.

So which social media platform to use?

The one you enjoy the most. Perhaps you already love Pinterest and have your boards very well organized and it’s fun for you. Maybe you are already on Instagram and love that you can connect and find new WLS friends on there. Maybe you are a forever Facebook fan and find people, recipes and anything in between right there.

Whatever you enjoy, stay up to date on what new features come out…because they are always up to something new!!!

If you aren’t already, follow me on your favorite social media network! Find me on Instagram @foodcoachme_wlsrecipes and for Facebook or Pinterest…use the icon in the sidebar!

All my best to you in health!


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