Pureed Diet Meal Plan for Members

Steph Wagner

May 31, 2017

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What is there to say exactly about the Bariatric Pureed Diet?? Hmm…what to say.

I tease. Here’s the thing about the Pureed Diet Stage. In my personal practice as a bariatric dietitian, I’ve never put a patient on a pureed diet. I know, that sounds crazy. But every program does things SO differently and I’m thankful to say that alongside the doctors I’ve worked with, we were able to transition the diet from liquids to very soft proteins (eggs, beans, cheese) and then to mildly soft proteins (fish, dark meat chicken) and on to solids (turkey burgers, pork chops, steak).

However, I recognize that many of YOU are being put on pureed diets after surgery. So in effort to help you through this one or two weeks of your life, I’ve created recipes that focus on very soft “pureed” proteins with flavor.

But the way, if your program advises potatoes, crackers, cream of wheat or other starches, I highly encourage you to skip those! That’s my 2 cents :) Starchy foods are a slippery slow and surgery is such a fantastic opportunity to rid yourself of them. You also can’t afford to “waste space” on starches when what you really need is good protein!

During this stage, it’s absolutely essential to take TINY bites (think the size of your pinkie fingernail) and pause in between each bite.

Sure, it’s important to chew well, but in my opinion, too much emphasis gets put on chewing and not about the amount of food you are swallowing at once. Really invest the time in learning tiny bites.

In between each bite, ask yourself how you feel. Are you satisfied? Do you need another bite? Where do you feel most comfortable? Take notes. Not just so you can track protein if your program requires that (mine doesn’t) but so that you can learn where your natural portion size is and to track if you have any adverse reactions.

Your portions will slowly grow with time as healing continues and inflammation goes down. That’s a good thing…don’t worry!

Remember, you cannot drink while you eat and for 30-60 minutes afterward (depending on your program) so while FLAVOR is important, make sure it’s not so flavorful that you need to drink water. 

Another note – as you transition from pureed foods to the soft foods and then to solids, you will start to hit your stopping point FASTER. The more solid the texture, the faster you will fill up. Practice that mindful eating and ask yourself where you are at instead of just looking at the bowl to tell you when you stop.

Other notes on the meal plan:

♦As of this moment, I don’t have protein included on this meal plan. This is because portion sizes vary tremendously and it’s more accurate to keep your food journal on your phone app (MyFitnessPal, Baritastic, LoseIt, etc)

♦Some of the recipes on here won’t fit your guidelines and you’ll need to change them. I looked over a handful of different programs to get a good idea of the most common recommendations…but as you know…all programs differ so much!

♦This meal plan, along with the many others, are reserved for members of FoodCoach.Me – as a member you also have access to me through email for any questions whether related to the recipes or to bariatric nutrition in general! Find out more about what the membership has to offer and try the first two weeks for free! 


To view and download this full meal plan (including recipes and grocery list) make sure you are logged in as a member and click on this link OR click on “downloads” in your user dashboard!

Pureed Diet Meal Plan #1 | Bariatric Surgery Nutrition | FoodCoachMe

To get in touch with me – email me at steph@foodcoach.me

Best of luck on your road to surgery and your post-op recovery!! Wishing you all my best.

Steph :)

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