Valentine’s Dinner at Home – A Healthy & Affordable Menu for Two

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

February 4, 2015

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My Valentine and I have become accustomed to a Valentine’s Day tradition that we really love. We stay home. Although this year we’ll be traveling so we’re breaking the tradition and it’s only year three :) 

I love spending Valentine’s Day from the comfort of our home. For so many reasons!

  1. No interruptions – no wait staff and we aren’t in public. I can talk loudly (which I do) and no one will hear it except Mr. W! Lucky him!
  2. I don’t feel rushed. We can take our time and truly feel relaxed.
  3. Way…way more affordable. With the way restaurants hike up prices for Valentine’s Day specials, I’d rather go out on another night anyway!
  4. I love challenging myself in the kitchen. With the cost savings of not eating out, I can afford to spend a little more on my menu for the evening and get creative.

The week or so before Valentine’s Day I start brainstorming what romantic and fun dinner I’m going to be making. I love America’s Test Kitchen for this reason. They have tons of videos I can search through and watch how the recipe is done. This allows me to have a realistic understanding of how difficult something will be.

A day or two before Valentine’s Day I get my groceries. By now I’ve done my research and planned my menu. I have a detailed grocery list and I enjoy putting it into action. This also makes the evening more fun when the groceries are already at home. We open a bottle of wine while we (okay fine, while i cook). 

AVOID the candy aisle while grocery shopping!!! Eeeeeek!


Instead opt for some beautiful flowers to add to your table :)

Our very favorite menu? Steaks and asparagus. Sometimes we’ll branch out but for the most part we stick with what we love. I snapped a few photos at Target of their steaks and asparagus but I usually splurge a bit more for steaks – either a butcher shop or Whole Foods. 

Steaks always make dinner feel a bit more special!


Add yummy and fresh flavors using different herbs like rosemary or thyme.


Roasted asparagus is our favorite side with grilled steaks. Add McCormicks® Montreal Seasoning and roast at 450 until crispy!


After wine, steaks and asparagus we might do a little something sweet but try to keep it small. If I make something, I’ll purposely make only two small portions so we don’t have leftovers. While I’ve never made these myself, I think these healthy chocolate covered strawberries from Katie at Dashing Dish sounds like a wonderful way to get something sweet without getting into too much trouble!


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! May you feel loved and cherished by everyone in your life. I’m so thankful for your support in following me at FoodCoachMe! XOXO – Steph

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