*Video* Sugar Free Iced Coffees

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

July 2, 2014

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If you love coffee but can’t drink it hot in the summertime, watch this video for some ideas on how to make a yummy at-home iced coffee! Have another way of making yours? Please share!

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2 thoughts on “*Video* Sugar Free Iced Coffees”

  1. Good morning Steph
    I’m enjoying your blog and am a coffee addict! Like you I was using fat free half-and-half until I looked at the ingredients. Fat free and cream just dont make since in the same sentence:) As with most other fat free products, the sugar is increased. High fructose corn syrup??? Who knew.

  2. We can’t win them all can we!? As I say….just a splash ;-) And I do mean a splash!

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