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Steph Wagner MS, RDN

March 22, 2022

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Why use the ‘My Collections’ Feature?

The latest updates to Bariatric Food Coach aim to make meal planning easier! Create custom bariatric menus that fit your needs.

All my recipes are focused with bariatric surgery patients in mind. They focus on protein first, lean veggies, fresh flavors while staying easy and quick to prepare.

Browse the recipes and SAVE the ones you’d like (when you’re a logged in user) and organize them how you’d like!

add recipes to collections for bariatric meal planning


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One way you can organize them is using a pre-made collection template that includes the days of the week. You can use a ‘dinners only’ template or a ‘full menu’ which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can also add your own recipes and menu items allowing you to make your own full meal plan!


custom bariatric menus using my collections on bariatric food coach


A short video highlighting My Collections

For current members, you can watch a longer video and review a step-by-step image guide (or just start playing around yourself).  Click here for the full tutorial if you’re a logged in member.

Below is a shorter video highlighting the features! Become a Bariatric Food Coach Premier Access Members for access to over 600 recipes and the ability to save and plan meals!

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