Reset diets, hair loss, meal timing and more

Steph Wagner

March 23, 2022

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Reset diets, hair loss, meal timing and more


Video clips answering 11 great questions on the March 2022 member call


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Question One:  Fasting during Lent (2:13 minutes)

Typically fasting for religious reasons is not a problem after bariatric surgery. Staying hydrating is the most important thing but fasting from food for a short amount of time is not likely to cause a protein deficiency if you’re eating well at all other times.

Question Two: What to eat when training for a 5k? (3:41 Minutes)

Members check out the video course “Exercise and Bariatric Surgery” as a good starting point on this topic!

For more specific help on your eating plan to fuel your exercise goals, meet with your bariatric dietitian or email me to help find someone licensed in your state.

Question Three: Help! 6 Months Post-op and the scale hasn’t moved in a month (4:06 minutes)

Look at all the areas of change in your body instead of just the scale. Look at pictures from the last six months, all the clothing you’ve grown out of, your endurance in exercise and what family members are saying!

Try to ‘demote’ the scale and check in just once a week. Drinking plenty of water and add in extra walking where you can to push through a stall. They are normal (and annoying!)

Here is an older video about weight stalls after surgery. 

Question 4: Help with a reset diet? (6:16 minutes)

There is nothing magical about a ‘reset’ diet and there is no ‘test’ for your pouch. If someone wants to get back on track, the ultimate goal is to get back to quality foods at meals! For most patients, I would put energy and focus into meal planning instead of buying more shakes and starting a reset.

If a patient wants to mentally clear their mind and do a reset to remind themselves of the early days after surgery, why they started this journey and clear their head as they start to make a plan for meals going forward, that would be a good approach to a reset style of diet.

Resources mentioned: Hunger and Bariatric Surgery Video Course, Emotional Eating Blog Series

Question 5: Resets aren’t working out for me! (3:02 minutes)

For this person, I would stop trying to reset and instead focus in on the area or time of day that seems to be the hardest. What habit needs to be built up further? What habits are going well that we can focus on the positive? Check out the 10 Day Habit Reset series for a good review. 

Resets can be mentally draining if extra pressure is being put on yourself to do it perfectly or you must not be committed enough. Remember, the reset is not the answer! It can be a way to get back to basics but is not the only way. Building up habits is more worthwhile and you can remind yourself why those habits are so powerful.

Question 6: Small frequent meals or 3 meals a day? (2:46 minutes)

Here is an older blog post answering this question as well.

Question 7: Cirkul Water (Water flavorings) for all our water? (1:37 minutes)

Programs differ but I count anything water if it follows the “three c’s” (no carbonated, no caffeinated, less than 15 calories for 8 ounces)

Question 8: Straws after bariatric surgery? (1:43 minutes)

Bariatric programs will differ on this recommendation. For the longest time, straws were not recommended. In recent years, more programs have said there is no evidence on straws being a problem. What does your program say? ;)

Question 9: Dealing with extreme stress, trying not to eat 3:42 minutes)

In times of extreme stress or emotion that feels overwhelming, my advice is to seek a counselor. Plus, one member really got to work in the chat box and shared a wonderful and encouraging response:

“If stress eating but you know what you should do then I would suggest 1:1 counseling, but if not up to it or not able to afford I would suggest meditation, journaling, understanding self care and self compassion concepts. Look up these concepts– the self compassion concept years ago was eye opening for me.

Using strategies like a brain dump to get all the thoughts out of your head, periods of turning of the phone/texts. Talk with a friend/doctor wls member about struggle. Have a list or basket of better snacks vs old habit snacks some different textures, sweets, salty, crunchy. Or mix a less healthy snack with fruit/veggie/nuts etc. don’t give up on yourself. 💗 and you are worth attention to help you cope so you can be better equipped to help others in your family work. Also look up grounding techniques when you feel stressed before choosing to eat the more unhealthy foods.”

Question 10: Losing interest in food after surgery, 2 bites and done! (4:00 minutes)

I encourage this patient to really focus on small bites (think pinkie finger nail or black bean) and pause in between bites. If you experience pain or discomfort after one or two bites it’s likely from eating behaviors.

Question 11: Tips to stop hair from thinning? (2:41 minutes)

Continue with bariatric vitamins as recommended by the ASMBS but do know that hair loss is common in the 3-6 month window after surgery and does come back. Meet with a hair stylist on what to do until the hair comes back so you can feel your best!


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