Egg Free Breakfast Ideas

Steph Wagner

September 6, 2017

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Egg Free Breakfast Ideas

Egg Free Bariatric Breakfast Ideas | FoodCoach.Me


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Chicken Breakfast Sausage | Bariatric Recipes | FoodCoach.Me

Chicken Sausage – make ahead and reheat these delicious Chicken Breakfast Sausage PattiesCan also be made with ground turkey.

Apple Gate Chicken & Sage Sausage


Pre-cooked Chicken or Turkey Sausage – several brands now offer varieties of cooked turkey sausage and can be found in links or patties in {most} grocery stores. The brand shown above is often times in the natural foods section and contains 9 grams of protein, 1 gram carbohydrate and 8 grams fat for 3 links. You can search your zip code on their website to see where you can buy.

Egg Free Bariatric Breakfast Ideas | FoodCoach.Me

Greek Yogurt with Frozen Berries – a FoodCoach.Me Member gave a great tip! She makes these ahead in little mason jars for the week so she can grab and enjoy quickly. To keep carbohydrate content a little lower, try Plain Greek Yogurt and sweetened with natural sweeteners such as Stevia and other flavor extracts or seasonings like cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. 



How to Make Decaf Cold Brew or Iced Coffees | Bariatric Surgery and Coffee | FoodCoach.Me


Protein Shake Added to Coffee – this one comes with a bit of a disclaimer that liquid protein doesn’t stay with you as long as a breakfast that has a more solid protein texture like the chicken breakfast sausage. SO if you are someone who gets hungry before lunch, I would not recommend a shake for breakfast. BUT if you’re someone who barely does breakfast in the first place, adding a pre-mixed protein drink to concentrated coffee and ice is a great idea! Can be added to hot coffee if coffee is under 140 degrees or it gets clumpy :) 

Egg Free Bariatric Breakfast Ideas | FoodCoach.Me


Turkey carver meat and cheese cubes – can also substitute ham cubes or sliced roast beef to make your own “protein pack.” Caution on using nuts – the fat grams and calories add up quickly so limit to six. I know! Not much. 

Egg Free Bariatric Breakfast Ideas | FoodCoach.Me


Morning Star Maple Breakfast Sausage – can be purchased at most grocery stores. One patty provides 80 calories, 8 grams protein, 5 grams carbohydrates and 3 grams fat.

Banana Nut Protein Pancakes - Bariatric Friendly Recipe!


Protein Pancakes – these type of recipes can be made so many ways and truly don’t take too long. There is a little bit of a learning curve on how long to cook them…they brown quickly! Don’t walk away from that pan people! My favorite is to use banana such as this recipe show above {members recipe} but for lower carb options use a recipe like these Protein Pumpkin Pancakes that doesn’t call for any fruit.

Egg Free Bariatric Breakfast Ideas | FoodCoach.Me


Egg Free Breakfast Casserolethis is a recipe I found on Kalyn’s Kitchen and while I haven’t tried it personally, it had great reviews from people who don’t like eggs and wanted to try it! I can see it being a great meal – turkey sausage, bell peppers, cheese. It might seem more like a dinner but if you’re so OVER eggs this may appeal to you!

Berry Cream Protein Shake | Bariatric Liquid Diet | FoodCoach.Me


Berry Cream Smoothie – once again, I have to caution that a liquid breakfast may create hunger before you get to lunch time. If you have hunger control struggles, I would not recommend a liquid shake option! If you aren’t a big breakfast person in general, this fresh berry protein smoothie is a great option. (This picture above is a members recipe and can be found here. Not a member? Here is a Green Smoothie Protein Shake, a non-members recipe.)

Egg Free Bariatric Breakfast Ideas | FoodCoach.Me


Filling Protein Bar – Protein bars that are higher in protein compared to total carbohydrates (or at least very close in balance) are a great option for fast, on-the-go breakfast options. They do bring in more carbohydrates than many options above that are more meat based, but great for travel or a “back up plan.” Quest® is one of many companies with great options. Several flavors and they average about 20-22 grams of each protein and carbohydrates.

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