The Best Bariatric Pantry 2021

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

December 30, 2020

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The Best Bariatric Pantry

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Now that you have purged the pantry, it’s time to shop and fill it back up!


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Just a reminder, I filmed this course prior to 2020 which means not only was my business name different (FoodCoachMe is now Bariatric Food Coach!) but grocery shopping was also not quite the ordeal!

I mention on the course that the busiest time to shop is between 5-7pm . Is this still true? I really don’t know!

The goods news is that grocery pickup and delivery is more available than ever. The downside is that it is not as easy to find new products and ideas online. If it feels safe, you can schedule a time to go walk all the aisles.

If you prefer to pickup or have delivery, try to mentally think of all the aisles you would walk up and down and try to search with those words in mind!


Products Mentioned in the Video and other re-stocking resources

Click the image below for the PDF version if you would like to print this list or a better view on mobile.

blog restocking best bariatric pantry list of items to restock

Also check out this list of Breakfast, Lunch and Snack ideas! 

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More resources to start your New Year off fresh!

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  1. @Gloria Siler thank you for that question! I will add a list of what I mentioned in the video and link a few other resources for restocking!

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