Week One, June Challenge

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

June 5, 2020

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Get Focused Challenge for bariatric surgery patients



Week One, June Challenge


Reminder: all the challenge information is available on the Get Focused 2020 Page. You do need to be signed in to access that page.

This blog is meant to be a quick recap with what’s going on with our challenge this week!


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Our Challenge Theme

At the time of this blog it is day FIVE of the challenge (and day five of week one). Our theme is Okay with Gray which we will continue to talk about, especially during our Sunday night live calls!

We tend to think about weight loss programs as on track or off track.

Good day, bad day.

Was on track, blew it after lunch.

All or nothing.

This is the mental side of the challenging we will do this month. Ask yourself where you need to be more okay with gray? Where do you need to choose grace over guilt? How can you be more flexible when changes to your plan happen?

All members will get the email to join our Live Call this coming Sunday at 7:30pm Central. (As well as Sunday June 14th and 21st)

Menu Sharing

Due to my personal time restrictions during COVID-19, I won’t always get a new meal plan posted. You can certainly use any previously posted menus or create your own using this template.

We are also sharing menus on our Facebook group thread. If you are a current member and in our Facebook group, you can find the thread and see what others are cooking! Be sure and share your menu too.

We are sharing more than menus in our Facebook group too! Victories, challenges, products, updates and so forth. If you are a member and need the link to join the group, email me steph@bariatricfoodcoach.com

Accountability Groups

Are you already in a group! Make sure you are checking in!! The commitment for being in a group is consistent engagement. Groups are periodically cleaned so let everyone know how you are doing to stay involved!

Groups are located in the Baritastic App. If you are a member and want to join a group email me at steph@bariatricfoodcoach.com

Answer this question in your group: what are you choosing grace over guilt about? 

Giveaway for Week One

Pampered Chef Salad Cutting Bowl – Week One Prize

Here are the giveaway details! 🎉

✔️ Complete your week one goals (food goal and exercise goal)

✔️ Email me that you’ve completed your goals for week one by Monday, June 8th at Noon Central (yes, this is honor system!)

✔️ All week one ‘finishers’ will get their names on the “Finishers Board” (first name, first initial last name)

✔️ All the finishers will be entered into a drawing to win this salad bowl – a personal favorite item of mine! I throw in spinach, whatever veggies I have on hand, some turkey and cheese or leftover protein from dinner and cut down the slots. Then turn it and cut it again for a chopped salad! 

Each week there will be a new prize that will increase in value to keep us incentivized to keep going!  If you don’t hit your goals in week two, you can still finish week three strong and get back on the finishers board because we are #okaywithgray

There will be a Grand Prize drawing for names that are on the finishers board for all 4 weeks!


Not a member and wondering about this challenge? Watch this video for more information. 

Current member and want to get caught up on the challenge? Watch this video on our Goal Setting Workshop and/or look over the Challenge Page.


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