June Get Focused Challenge

Steph Wagner

May 22, 2020

June Get Focused Challenge

Get Focused Challenge on Bariatric Food Coach


What is a Get Focused Challenge?

Here is a video explaining a little more but in short, this is a four week long challenge top set one specific goal to focus on with your eating habits.

We also pick one goal for exercise.

There is a goal tracker to print off and follow. You pick the goal and then connect online with myself and other members to Bariatric Food Coach. We use a closed Facebook group, live Zoom calls and smaller groups inside the Baritastic App to connect.

Here is what the goal tracker looks like:

Screen Shot Image of Goal Tracker for Bariatric Food Coach Get Focused Challenge



Who is the challenge for?

The majority of participants are post-op patients but pre-ops are always welcome. You do need to be an active member to Bariatric Food Coach but the challenge is not an additional cost.

Become a Member


When does the next challenge run?

Save the start date of Monday, June 1st for our next challenge!

I love when the start dates falls on the first of the month because it makes the days very easy. It is a twenty-eight day challenge and we will end on June 28!

LIVE Call dates to remember (all calls at 7:30pm Central):

Thursday, May 28: Live Goal Setting Workshop

Sunday, May 31st: Live Theme Announcement

Sunday, June 7th: Weekly Live Coaching

Sunday, June 14th: Weekly Live Coaching

Sunday, June 21st: Weekly Live Coaching


Other resources included in membership and the challenge

Our last challenge daily videos from me in your email were very well received. Members said it helped them stay more focused and engaged in challenge so I will continue to send messages this time around!

All 500+ bariatric friendly recipes on the site

My library of written bariatric meal plans

Educational video courses including a new release coming soon Hunger and Bariatric Surgery

Email access to me including feedback on your food journals

Access to our private Facebook group and option to join an accountability group hosted in the Baritastic app

Connection code for Bariatric Food Coach in the Baritastic App

More questions? Feel free to email me at steph@bariatricfoodcoach.com


6 thoughts on “June Get Focused Challenge”

  1. I would like to join the June Challenge please. I had some success on one of your challenges about a year ago. But now I’ve got the quarantine 10+ happening and need to get focused and back on track. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Tracy! All active members will be automatically enrolled in the challenge! There isn’t an “enrollment form” like the past because of my own time constraints with kids home…so if you are a member you are all set! This Thursday (May 28) I will have a live goal setting workshop on Zoom at 7:30pm central. The link will be emailed to all active members. Excited to have you!

  3. Are you able to record and post the live zoo. Workshop? I will be working and won’t be able to attend.

  4. Hi Steph. I have not been getting info about this and really want to participate. Obviously I missed the zoom meeting yesterday. What do I need to do?

  5. Hi Robin! I’m so sorry you haven’t been getting my messages! Have you checked your spam folder? I just looked at your email profile and it says it sent all the emails to you. Let me know!!

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