July 2022 Bariatric Video Clips

Steph Wagner

July 18, 2022

Bariatric Eating for Building Muscle, Protein Shakes after Surgery and More: Member Call Video Clips July 2022


Video clips answering 6 great questions (plus bonus questions asked live!) on the July 2022 member call

Bariatric video clips answering submitted questions from our members! Become a member and join us for our live calls each month! You can submit questions in advance to make sure yours is answered!

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Question One:  4 Weeks Post-Op, overly full and can’t get in liquids (5:35 minutes)


Note: If you ever cannot keep fluids down, call your nurse line. If you ever suspect you are dehydrated to the point of needing fluids, call your nurse line or head to the ER.

The patient is 4 weeks post-op and had been eating 1-4 tablespoons of food without trouble. Now she is extremely full for hours and not getting in fluids.

My suspicion is that her pouch became irritated and inflammed. Posisbly she ate too quickly, too large of bites or a little too much. The stomach is in the healing phase for the first 8 weeks after surgery which is why we have a healing diet of liquid to soft to solid.

In this instance, she should go backward to liquid and make sure to get adequate hydration, pay attention to symptoms and call her clinic if she feels she cannot get back to a hydrated state or get in enough liquid.

If she is hydrating well and ready to start again, slowly begin with soft protein once more focusing on eating behaviors of small bites, pausing and stopping at fullness.


Question Two:  Ideas for making camping food bariatric friendly? (2:20 minutes)

I posted a video recently on how I made deviled eggs at the Lake with just sandwich baggies!

My other go to for camping or grilling is foil pack meat and veggies. A few examples below for chicken, turkey sausage or salmon! You can also use the search bar for “foil pack” ( or click here for the search results!)

turkey kielbasa sausage foil packs on the grillSalmon Foil Pack with Tomatoes and OnionsBarbecue Pineapple Chicken Foil Pack | Weight Loss Surgery Recipes | FoodCoachMeBarbecue Chicken and Veggies Foil Pack | Gastric Sleeve Recipes | FoodCoach.Me



Question Three:  Bariatric eating  questions when building muscle (4:21 minutes)


There are so many new questions that arise when fitness and muscle building plans come into the picture! Stay the course. More often than not, the bariatric eating plan will compliment your plan!

For all those sort of questions, this video course is really helpful. It covers what types of exercise burn from carbohydrate and from fat and when/what eating changes to consider. (You can find this under Video Courses and all lesson are unlocked for logged in members)

Question Four:  How do protein shakes fit in the post-op eating plan? (2:45 minutes)


Another great question that has a video course to answer more fully! You can find the “Do’s and Don’ts of Protein” under the Video Courses tab and all lessons are unlocked when logged in.

While protein shakes can have their places as a snack or a way to curb a sweet tooth, they aren’t something I utilize much after the healing phases of bariatric surgery because the liquid texture will not control hunger for long.

Question Five:  How should a new member who wants to get back on track get started on the site? (3:13 minutes)


I like to start with video courses! They are a great way to refresh, learn and get inspired.

From there I would explore the Meal Planning Tab and the Member Resources tab! In fact, under the Members Resources tab you’ll find the full Member Guide PDF. New members also get sent a series of emails to help introduce you to all the many resources on the site!

Not a member? Find out more! 

Question Six: Can you make custom meal plans? (5:04 minutes)


I’m not able to offer custom meal plans for everyone but I do have a few options of how to customize your menus using the 600+ recipe library on the site!

One option is to use the blank PDF meal plan that can be edited on your computer or print and write in your plan.

The other option is to use the “My Collections” feature for members! This allows you to save recipe to a collection or a meal plan template to plan out your week. Members can find this under the Meal Planning tab when logged in (which will also link to the tutorial page).

Other questions asked live included: Did I stretch my pouch?

Minute 1:37 “How do I know if I stretched my pouch?”

Blogs to check out: Why do ‘bad foods’ go down the best? and Fact or Crap: You can stretch out your pouch

Minute 5:37 “Any tricks to not drinking with meals?”

Minute 6:58 “I’m 12 days post-op on a 2 week liquid diet but not feeling ‘full’ is that normal?

Members can find video clips from previous monthly live chats under Member Resources > Monthly Live Calls


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