Pantry Challenge: Purge Party!

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

December 30, 2022

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Pantry Purge Party!

Updated December 2022

pantry clean out challenge bariatric food coach 2023

Pantry Clean Out 2023


Keep it, toss it, pass it on

Note: this recording is from prior to 2020 when Bariatric Food Coach was FoodCoach.Me!!

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Keep it, toss it, pass it on

Now for the fun part! I love to turn on music, pull my hair back and put my trashcan right by the pantry or refrigerator. Sometimes I put on an apron if I’m really feeling it :)

My first step is clearing off all the countertops and the kitchen table. Not only does this give me space to work with, it also helps me feel mentally clear and off to a good start.

I tend to turn my kitchen table into my keep pile.  I might have a little section of countertop for items I will ask if someone else wants. If you’re part of a “buy nothing” group on Facebook, you can post things you think are worthwhile for someone to pickup.

I prefer a large black trash bag for tossing. When it’s black, I can’t see it or think about what I’ve tossed! It helps me to make decisions more quickly and not go backwards thinking about the decision.

Empty pantry and/or fridge shelves, wipe them down

This is a great opportunity to wipe everything down and even take inventory if I want to get a new basket or organizing tool. (Reminder!! Members who submit before and after photos enter to win prize money to the Container Store!)

When it comes to containers, I like to use dark ones with space to label on the front. I put foods my family eats that I prefer not to eat in these bins. I also like to put foods I DO want myself and my family to eat in the most visible places.

This year I bought clear bins for my refrigerator to keep fresh produce more visible.

After you’ve pulled everything out, thrown things away or posted things to give away, you can put things back in! Take notes on what items you want for your re-stocking process (up next) and also make a note of things you threw away to remind yourself you didn’t really use it. (Or put those things in a more visible place if you think that would help you use it!)

Have fun with the clear out process! It tends to clean out your mind as much as your kitchen!

Next up we will talk about how to re-stock for your best bariatric pantry (and refrigerator!)


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