Instant Pot eBook for Weight Loss Surgery Patients


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Instant Pot (PDF) eBook for Post-Ops

Recipes created by a bariatric dietitian using an Instant Pot

Recipes are high in protein, low in carbs for those who have had Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass or other weight loss surgery procedures

After owning an Instant Pot for over a year I have learned the good and the not so good ways of created quick meals.

In this book, I will share with you what to avoid based on my own mistakes as well as the best cook times for different types of meat whether they are fresh or frozen.

Enjoy 28 easy to make, full of flavor recipes focusing on bariatric surgery patients. Many Instant Pot recipes look delicious but use rice, pasta or potatoes which are not ideal for WLS success.

Sections are divided by eggs, pork, beef and poultry.

Whether you have frozen chicken you need to make tonight or want to make a large stew for the weekend, these are recipes are a great basic starting point to grow more comfortable with your pressure cooker. Batch cooking is made much easier so you can freeze extras in smaller containers for quick pre-made dinners another night.



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