2018 Fall Focus Challenge Announced!

Steph Wagner

September 21, 2018

Summer Focus Challenge Coming Soon!

Enrollment Opens 5/29

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28 Day Focus Challenge Information


A time to connect with other members, re-focus on your goals and how to get there.


Three times a year I host a “Focus Challenge” for FoodCoach.Me members. It’s a time to connect more closely with one another on what barriers are getting in the way to goals and encourage one another to get past them!

I love these challenges. I feel the energy on the other side of the screen as members connect with each other, motivate each other, get honest and ask for help. We talk about stress eating. We talk about triggers. We try again and try again, giving each other grace when we don’t get it perfect.

Here is the need to know info:

⇒ This is a FOCUS challenge, not a weight loss challenge. We set goals and meet once a week on Facebook to connect but we don’t have weigh-in’s focused on beating one another

⇒ It’s NOT an additional charge and is included in the $12 per month membership fee for FoodCoach.Me Premier Access

⇒ The challenge starts October 22nd and ends on November 18th…the weekend right before Thanksgiving! The goal is to help us get focused and send us into the holidays in a good place.

⇒ If you’re an active member, you don’t need to do anything except check your email the week before the challenge as enrollment will open October 15th

⇒ The theme for this challenge is SIMPLICITY. We are going to focus on ONE clear and measurable goal for food and one for exercise. I’ll add other ways to help simplify this area of life!

⇒ I provide all the materials to help you reach your goal – meal plans, shopping guides, eating out guides, no cook meal ideas, batch cooking. Many of these things are available TODAY for members, but I do add more content and refresh for the challenge based on feedback from enrollment forms. Your answers during enrollment help me know what to create for your success.

So what are the next steps??

If you ARE NOT a current member, sign up today! Start accessing all the meal plans, recipes, video lessons and our closed Facebook group right now. Plus you’ll be ready to go for October 15th when enrollment opens.

If you ARE a member, be thinking about what ONE goal you want to set for yourself during our 28 days. Watch your email for the link to enroll on October 15th and be prepared to give me feedback on what tools you need to stick to your one goal.

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6 thoughts on “2018 Fall Focus Challenge Announced!”

  1. Good morning,
    I am a new member. Can you connect me to the fb group? Is it a private group? Thanks.

  2. Hi Steph!

    I finally feel well enough to get going. I am already a member. I am 6 weeks post op and eating soft food. Am I far enough along to participate in the Challenge? I am so excited to begin!

    Thanks for all the real-life support you provide us!


  3. Hi Kate! So glad you are feeling well!!! Absolutely we have several members fresh out from surgery joining the challenge to help them to stay focused! The goal setting is very individualized so whatever you feel you need to focus on is the goal to set. I also find by sharing what’s going well you help to motivate others and help THEM to remember how focused they were early out of surgery. I hope that helps!

  4. The thing that I find the most “difficult” is meal planning/meal prep for a single person with not much room for freezing leftovers. One of the things I want to focus on during this challenge is to simplify both! So, I want to collect recipes for 1-2 servings that fit with a low carb eating plan; set up a 2 week rotational meal plan. I think that this will really make things simple for me.

    1) create a meal plan for 2 weeks that works for me
    2) gathering 1-2 serving low carb recipes
    3) GET BACK ON TRACK and start losing my 30# regain.
    4) Make a list of the reasons I had the WLS to begin with


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