5 Steps to Get Back on Track

Steph Wagner

March 20, 2014

Falling out of the groove is normal. You hear that…it’s NORMAL!

You aren’t a failure. You aren’t weak. You aren’t doomed for life. You are incredibly normal and in good company. Wrap your brain around that first, and then you’ll be ready to make these next steps a priority to getting back on track! :)

When I slowly let sweets or carbs trickle in my diet, it’s inevitable that I get to a point when I know it’s time to put an end to the madness. They are so sneaky those carbs! You think just a little bit tonight, or just a few bites. The next thing you know…you need to wipe the slate totally clean again!

These steps are what I mentally do to get myself re-focused. Yes, even I need to take a moment and find my groove again! I highly recommended following these in this order. There is a method to the madness!

1. Find the motivation. You have to start here. I can’t just make myself do it “just because I should.” I will literally never do it if that’s my reason. Instead I think about how much better I will feel mentally and physically. I won’t be as hungry and I won’t think about my body more than it deserves because I’m mentally happy. What’s your motivation to get back on track? Grab a pen and paper and start listing out all the reason why being “in the groove” is so great…eventually you’ll start feeling a little more motivated. 

2. Select a start date and a “goal” date. Hear my loud and clear- this does NOT mean “I’m going to start my diet and then go off my diet…” Instead this is a mental timeline for yourself. What event or special occasion is coming up that you are excited about? Tell yourself you are going to start today and do really well until that event. It will only increase the excitement you have and keep you focused in the meantime. By the time the event comes…you’ll be feeling so much better you will only want to keep going! Here’s my current example

My birthday and anniversary weekend is in 2 weeks. I will get focused today and stay on track until thenBecause it’s okay to splurge for special occasions!!! Then I will enjoy the weekend and get back on track when we return home. The next “event” I’ll be focusing on is 3 weeks afterward when I get re-tested at the gym with my strength and body fat percent. Give yourself these timelines in effort to get focused. 

3. Once you’ve decided what time is time to get serious, Keep a food diary. I know you hate this…I am very well aware of the feelings involved with food diaries. BUT in the sake of getting focused, you need to be honest and record everything. Knowing you have to write it down will help you in the weakest moments. And when are your weakest moments?? When you are first trying to get back on track! Keeeeeep a fooooood diary!!!! Even if for the first few days. 

4. Make an exercise schedule. It’s not going to happen on accident!!!! Exercise gives you endorphins and makes you feel awesome. Nothing makes you wake up feeling skinnier than when you’ve been working out consistently- am I right?!?! If you are trying to get back on track- you must make a game plan for exercise! 

5. You’ve likely heard me say this a million times…find an accountability partner!!!!!! Who can you text updates to? Who will check in you or be your cheerleader?? My accountability partner texted me just this morning checking in on me. Find someone and tell them your plans. Your start date, your goal date and your exercise plans. As always- be sure to plan a little (non-food) reward for yourself! New pair of tennis shoes, an iTunes gift card for workout music or tickets to a concert. We gotta dangle that carrot for ourselves!!!

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  1. Yes….I do live alone!…However, I could not even cook regular meals, let alone, cooking Bariatric Meals!!…..I become frightened to eat anything, because I cannot stand the thought of becoming nauseated, or vomiting!!….I am not sure what my maximum portions are yet!……My stomach was cut 1.5 millimeters, not knowing how small that is!….I take it, it is SMALL!!!…..What is my proportion to eat at each meals?…Amm

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