Bariatric Food List

FCM Food List


The four main components to a bariatric diet! Proteins, veggies, fruits and healthy fats.

I always put the emphasis first on protein, then non-starchy vegetables. Limit fruits to once per day and healthy fats to no more than twice per day.

Use this food list for a refresher on what your best options are for successful weight loss!

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  2. Hi @kymber128! Here are a couple replies based on mobile vs desktop:

    I find desktop to be easier if that’s possible. Sign in to your members account on foodcoachme first (click remember me if you haven’t already) and then go to Pinterest and you should be able to get members stuff automatically without having to go sign in every time. I never have trouble on desktop once I tell it to remember me.

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    Thanks for this question! I send it to you in email also and share it to our members Facebook page!

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