Diet Bet. Lose Weight & Win Money??

Steph Wagner

January 2, 2015

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Diet Bet® - Lose Weight & Win Money?? A review from Steph Wagner on

Have you heard of “Diet Bet®?” Also known as

I hadn’t…until five weeks ago when a friend invited me to a game.

I’m not one to play games online or on my phone, so I didn’t understand at first. When I talked with her and read through the details a bit more, I was pretty excited to give it a try.

Diet Bet® is a company that organizes weight-loss challenges among friends (or strangers!) They have two options available:

Lose 4% in 4 Weeks and split the winnings


Lose 10% in 6 months and split the winnings

You can read more about the details on their website, but here is the gist:

1. You pick a starting date and invite friends and family. The more people who sign up, the bigger the pot of money up for winning.

2. On the selected date everyone weighs in. They have you take two pictures, one “fully body” picture on the scale wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Weighing in naked is frowned upon in this situation!!! You also take a picture of the scale readout with a notecard that has a keyword written on it. See below for a very early morning weigh-in photo…I mean, when else do you weigh in???


3. You can post on the board either by phone app or website through the game. Our game was 4 weeks long and was purposely throughout the holidays! This helped us all make smart decisions and have a specific reason not to eat all the treats we were surrounded in.

4. At the end of the game everyone weighs in again. If you are one of the winners (you’ve lost the 4% you set out to lose) they will have you submit two photos once again for confirmation. Whoever wins, splits the pot! Minus the fee Diet Bet® keeps – which for us was 15%.

I was a winner along with two others. The pot was $350 when we signed up! Diet Bet® kept $35 and I won $87.50. I spend $35 to sign up.


Not only was I healthy throughout the holidays, lost 6 1/2 pounds and feel great….I also won money! I’ve decided since I won the money with my focus on health I would put the money towards new tennis shoes to continue to support health in my life.

Some disclaimers:

If you’ve had weight-loss surgery recently I urge you to keep this game fair. If you are in a game and you’ve had surgery in the past 6 months, its not fair when you can easily kick the pants off other players! In that case, you may consider making a game just between weight-loss surgery patients. OR if you’ve had weight-loss surgery a year ago, I would encourage you to make a game of just weight-loss surgery friends who are more than a year out as well. The goal is not just to win money, but to find focus and motivation for yourself and for your friends.

January is a great time of year to start something like this! Whether it’s with a website like this, or an old fashioned game between friends where no one has to pay a fee to the company this is a great time of year for everyone to get focused. 

All in all I would review it as a great experience. Just know that they will keep a portion of the money and to invite friends who are in a similar place as you are in, especially if you are a postop patient.

Don’t forget to take advantage of New Years sales on health and fitness! Gyms will waive enrollment fees and stores all over will have sales on workout gear and clothing. If you find a good deal, I’d love for you to share it on here or the Facebook page! Happy 2015!

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