Juice Cleanse and Weight-Loss Surgery

Steph Wagner

March 21, 2016

Juice Cleanse after Weight Loss Surgery

If you’ve had weight-loss surgery and find yourself needing a kickstart back into the swing of things…you may have consider doing a “cleansing” sort of diet.

Some of these diets talk about getting out the toxins of your body. They also promote some really pretty looking juices in fancy bottles.

But is it right for you as a Gastric Sleeve, Bypass or Band patient?

Not exactly. But let’s talk more about what you’re looking for when you start considering these types of diets.

If you are looking for something to:

  • clear your mind
  • clean out your fridge and pantry
  • kickstart weight loss
  • cut your cravings

…then perhaps another approach could work for you.

Here’s why “juice cleanses” aren’t a good idea after weight-loss surgery:

  • juice = sugar
  • sugar = hunger
  • hunger = weight gain
  • oh and sugar = weight gain

Even a healthy, no sugar added pretty bottle of juice is loaded with sugar. Why? Because that’s what fruit is. Nature’s sugar! A healthier version…but sugar all the same.

So what can you do instead?

I’d say it depends on your personality and what you feel you’d do the best with. At the end of the day, the way to get back on track is to cut out carbs and focus on protein, water and walking. It’s amazing what those three things can do for your mind and your body.

For some of you, that may mean a liquid diet so to speak. Perhaps you go back to all protein shakes for a week just to clean out your mind. While it’s not cleansing toxins out of your body (a whole other conversation – but your body does just fine at cleaning out it’s own toxins) it can clear you of cravings as you eliminate starches and sweets out of your diet. A word of caution here – if this is the approach you go with…make sure you to focus on your “transition” back to regular foods. This is where things go south for most people! Plan ahead for healthy food choices before you move back to foods. 

If that’s not your thing and you’d rather never go on another liquid diet again (don’t blame you) then the goal is to cut out starches and sweets. Plan ahead for your meals and snacks, pack your water bottle faithfully, make time for walking. You might call it “getting back on the horse.”

There’s my two cents to help you as you consider “cleansing” and jumping into Springtime!

All my best to you in health,

Steph :)