8 thoughts on “White Enchilada Zucchini Boats”

  1. Hi Steph, this is my first visit and I have a zucchini in the kitchen I was wondering what to do with. I’ll just cut everything in thirds and try this yummy looking recipe! Is the nutritional value of your recipes anywhere on the site?

  2. Hi Cindy! Thanks for following :) I do not nutritional value posted because I’m not a calorie counter. You can read a little more about that on here.

    However, MyFitnessPal is a great resources for plugging in ingredients to get the nutrition value. On the phone app there is an option to “add a recipe” and you can add in the ingredients to see the list and save it for later if you plan to make it again. I can say this recipe will have far more protein than carbohydrates! :)

  3. Hey Cindy! I think I responded to another comment of yours, but in case you miss it I don’t list nutritional value because I’m not a calorie counter. You can read more about that on this blog. Thanks for following and let me know if you try any recipes you like! :)

  4. I’m making these right now and I substituted moist TVP for the chicken. They won’t get done! They are on 350 and have been for 30 minutes?

  5. I made these last night minus the pickled jalapeños. I used used red pepper and fresh sliced jalapeños. This was AMAZING…….. thank you for ideas outside of the box!!!

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