• The Do's and Don'ts of Protein

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    what to do and what not to do with protein shakes after weight loss surgery. video series with steph wagner bariatric dietitian on foodcoachme

    It's no surprise that protein is essential to success after a bariatric surgery. However, common misconceptions about protein, where you should get it from and how much to have can actually slow down weight-loss.

  • Cooking for One After Bariatric Surgery | WLS Video Course

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    Cooking for One Bariatric Surgery Video Series | Weight Loss Surgery Recipes | FoodCoachMe

    Needs tips and ideas on how to cook for one person after a weight loss surgery? Join me in this six part video series with recipes, cooking methods, cooking tools and how to use technology when cooking for one after weight loss surgery.

  • Reading Nutrition Labels for WLS

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    video course on foodcoachme reading nutrition labels after weight loss surgery

    Nutrition labels can become very intimating, especially after a weight loss surgery. How do you know if something has too much sugar? How much protein should it have? How can you know what to buy without spending all day at the grocery store? This video series includes 7 videos to answer these questions on products from protein supplements, pre-prepared meals, side dishes, condiments, snacks, beverages and more. Find out more about video courses for bariatric surgery patients at Disclaimer: This website and video content is intended to be used as education and information, not medical advice. Please visit your surgeons office annually.

  • The Top 10 Reasons for Weight Re-Gain After Bariatric Surgery

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    reasons for weight regain after weight loss surgery video series on foodcoachme with bariatric dietitian steph wagner

    Unfortunately, weight -regain is a real thing. But how does this happen??

  • How to Succeed with Gastric Band

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    video lesson how to succeed with gastric band with bariatric dietitian steph wagner on foodcoachme

    Whether you are considering having a band placed, about to have a band or had your band years ago…this is a great course for getting back to the basics on what your surgery is and how to get the MOST out of it. In this course we’ll cover: A recap of how anatomy is different … Continue reading "How to Succeed with Gastric Band"

  • Considering Weight Loss Surgery?

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    video series for those interested in weight loss surgery from steph wagner bariatric dietitian foodcoachme

    It’s more likely you have visited FoodCoach.Me because you have already made the decision to have weight-loss surgery or you’ve had the surgery already. But if you are just starting the process OR you know someone that has been considering surgery, these videos are a great place to start. We’ll answer questions such as “how do I … Continue reading "Considering Weight Loss Surgery?"

  • Food Addiction, Obesity and Diabetes

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    food addiction obesity and diabetes video course with steph wagner bariatric dietitian on foodcoachme

    After attending a super interested seminar entitled “Food Addiction, Obesity and Diabetes,” I tried my best to recap a TON of information and put it into a more easy to understand video course. In this course I review: The Major Systems that Influence Our Food Intake The Hormone that Can TAKE OUT All Other Hormones How … Continue reading "Food Addiction, Obesity and Diabetes"