Like Putting Pennies in the Jar

Steph Wagner

May 31, 2013

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You may have been following my last couple posts on how money relates to weight-loss. In my opinion, it’s important to look at things from different perspectives and angles to gain new found understanding- even some extra motivation.

I mentioned in the first blog how a healthy eating plan is like a healthy budget plan. And like saving up for a vacation, it’s important to have an exciting goal.

And yet! I have another cheesy “this is how my brain works” way to think of making healthy diet changes. Small changes really, really do add up. Big strides are super important, but don’t ignore the power of the small changes.

Picture the big (somewhat awkward) change jar you have at home. Okay, that’s what I’m picturing. And you add a handful of change from time to time. Pennies, nickels, some dimes…and you hesitate when you even put in a whole quarter. Is this as powerful to your vacation fund as a hundred dollar bill? Heck no. But when you turn your change in and you end up with $57.43 it feels amazing.

This is the same view I like to take on the small changes of losing weight and/or getting healthy. Drink 64 ounces instead of 50 ounces. Big deal? May not seem like it, but it adds up. Walking for only 10 minutes because I’m too busy for more. Adds up. Cutting back on my coffee creamer. Using the light dressing. Stopping when I’m actually full even if it means a couple bites are left. They all add up. Like pennies, pennies, pennies, and the occasional dime or quarter…you look back and realize how much different you are, and how you really do feel better and look better.

So if you feel like you just blew it today don’t throw the rest of the day away. Recover and start making the choices that pay off. If you feel like a little chocolate doesn’t make a big difference, brush your teeth and drink some water…and see what happens after a week or two. You stop missing it and you feel better.

Pennies in the jar people. Pennies in the jar.



2 thoughts on “Like Putting Pennies in the Jar”

  1. Steph-
    Do you have any meatloaf recipes using Rotel? I’ve been trying to make one for my husband and I can not get the right consistency. I’ve been using the Parmesan instead of bread crumbs, but I think it’s too liqudy from the tomatoes. Any suggestions you can give me would be great.

  2. Hi Shelly! You know, I can’t recall off the top of my head (I make a lot of meatloaf!!) but my first thought is to you egg white and not any yolk. Egg whites tend to be a better binder and the yolk adds too much moisture that the rotel already brings. I would also drain the rotel well and add it slowly to see when the texture feels right. When in doubt, I increase my parmesan cheese too. Report back if you find a winner!

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