Saving up for Vacation…You Gotta Have a Goal

Steph Wagner

May 27, 2013

Last week I started in on my thoughts about money and weight…and how closely they connect.

With the many obstacles in life, it’s quite refreshing to take on a new perspective. For some people, financial management is very emotional and difficult. For others, weight management is very emotional and difficult. Not that they can’t both be at the same time, but usually one is outweighing the other.


1. I am so tired of waking up and seeing myself like this, I don’t care how much it cost to get a new gym membership. I just need to do something.

2. I know I need to pick a healthier option but this one is on the dollar menu….

I think you see my point. So, when finances are more stressful than weight control, I think it’s helpful to look at budgeting like a “diet” (ugh, dirty word.) I’m struggling financially, so I need to go on a money diet. Cut way back, plan ahead, and make smart choices. 

Vice versa? I need to lose weight and I have a goal to reach. I’m going to follow a good budget, not spend on unnecessary things, and “save up” for my goal.

Which brings me to my next point. You have to have a goal. A carrot. A motivator. Enticement.

I’m going on vacation this week (insert “woe is me” comment here) – so this scenario comes to mind. If you have a vacation coming up, you’re going to be smart with your money. You’ll eat out less. You won’t buy something dumb at Target. You’ll pay attentionWhy? Because you have a goal.

This is incredibly important when your focus is on weight-loss. If you have no goal, you have a bite of your husband’s cake. You grab a couple Cheetos here or there. You join your friend when she really needs some chocolate right now. 

But your goal is to fit into your beloved skinny jeans (and who cares if they aren’t in style anymore). Or your goal is to get baby weight off. To enjoy the summer and not dread roller coaster seat belts or walking in the heat exhausted after a few minutes. Or (one of my personal favorites) to cross your legs. When you have the goal- you say no to the little things. You stay focused. You don’t eat something dumb. You pay attention.

Let’s take a roll call. What’s your goal right now? Comment below and tell us where your motivation is currently coming from.

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