*New* WLS Meal Plan Template

Steph Wagner

June 20, 2018

*New* WLS Meal Plan Template for members

Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plan Template for easy meal planning after Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass! Focus on the protein first and get recipe ideas from my cookbook or from foodcoach.me! #wls #vsg #rny #gastricsleeve #gastricbypass #weightlosssurgery #mealplanning


Click here for the Meal Plan Template PDF


WLS Meal Plan Template – Instructions:

⇒ This meal plan is for seven days. Each day is one box and labeled on the top left corner. Make this meal plan your own!

⇒ Due to the large variation of portion sizes for post-op patients, there is no one size fits all guideline. Instead, focus your meal around a lean protein source and eat two bites of the protein to every one bite of vegetable or fruit.  There is a space provided to write in your main protein source to remind you to focus on it most.

⇒ Limit fruits to once per day to maintain a lower ratio of carbohydrates. Avoid eating other higher carbohydrate foods like beans or protein bars if you’ve had fruit. If you know you’ll be using beans in your dinner (ex: chili) avoid having fruit at breakfast.

⇒ There is a space provided next to the meal number if you’d like to correspond your grocery list to your recipes. There is also a space to add in a snack for true hunger as needed. This may be in between lunch and dinner or after dinner. Both of these are optional.

⇒ If you plan to have leftovers at a meal, place an X on the boxes for ingredients and instructions.

⇒ Pencil in any activities or busy nights so you know to plan ahead for leftovers. Make two dinners one night or double the portion to be sure you have the leftovers you need.

Protein Sources:

Protein Sources for WLS Meals After Gastric Sleeve or Bypass | Meal Plan Template at FoodCoach.Me

6 thoughts on “*New* WLS Meal Plan Template”

  1. Thank you for this helpful post. I am awaiting surgery and considering my options. I got to this screen because I was interested in determining if Bariatric Post Op patients found Weight Watchers helpful. I see it as a possibility although it has never worked for me long term. Thanks so much for the meal plan idea.

  2. Thank you so much for developing the meal template Steph! I absolutely love it, and use it every week!

  3. I love to hear this! I’m so glad it’s a useful tool in your planning ahead!

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming journey! There are certainly different “styles” that can all reach the goals in the bariatric diet. It’s all about finding your own! Wishing you all my best :)

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