Water Drinking Flash Challenge!

Steph Wagner

November 16, 2020

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Water Drinking Flash Challenge!

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What to know about the water drinking flash challenge

I woke up this morning and decided I needed a water challenge. Chances are many of my followers and members do too!

This is the time of year when I forget how much I have had and when I get too cold to naturally think about drinking water. If I lose focus on water, it doesn’t happen! If you can relate, this challenge is for you.

Who can take the challenge?

Anyone! For this particular challenge I am offering members and non-members to join me. There will be a giveaway for 6 months of membership to Bariatric Food Coach for two winners – one winner from the members and one from followers but not active members.

What is the challenge?

For this challenge I am focusing on water intake. The challenge is to drink at least 64 ounces of hydrating fluids a day starting Tuesday, November 17th and ending Sunday, November 22nd.

*Quick note: Your water needs may be higher than 64 ounces. To have a more accurate calculation of your water needs, divide your current weight by 2.2. Personally I will go more for 96 ounces but you qualify for the challenge prize by hitting 64 ounces.

If you are on a water restriction you can still complete the challenge and make a note on the form that you stayed at your restriction. Please do not drink more if you are on a restriction! 

If you drink 64 ounces a day Tuesday through Sunday, you will fill out a short form that I will email on Sunday. One name from each group (members and non-members) will be drawn for 6 months of paid membership ($72 value).

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What counts as water?

In my bariatric coaching I count water as any liquid that is not carbonated, not caffeinated and less than 15 calories per 8 ounces.

Herbal tea, flavored water, warm broth and so forth would count. I do not count protein shakes towards water. Your program may count water differently! These are the metrics I use for my water qualifiers.

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What do you do now?

Right now you fill up your water bottle and decide how you will start tracking your water. Will you put it in your phone? The Baritastic app? A pen and paper? Add it to your daily planner?

Whatever works for you, right now is the time to plan how you will get your water, if you need to buy and tea or flavorings and how you will record it.

Watch for the email on Sunday to enter your name into the challenge finishers form and enter to win! Even if you do not win the big prize, you will be a winner for feeling more hydrated, energized and better control in your hunger!

Good luck!!!


Steph :)


26 thoughts on “Water Drinking Flash Challenge!”

  1. This is great!! What a great motivating prize!! You are awesome. Can’t wait to start tomorrow

  2. Yay I am so excited! I have already been much more focused in my own water :) Who else is in!?!

  3. I’m so excited for this challenge. I was doing so good and drinking 100 oz. Then dropped off and have been struggling every since. I have gained some weight and it is bothering me so much. This is a great challenge.

    I’m in 100%

  4. Cool ! I need to do this . Latley I have slowed down on tracking. Need to get back on track! Thanks

  5. I needed this. I’ve lost track of my intake and can feel daily headaches settling in again. I’m here for it!

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