Weight-Loss Surgery Celebs

Steph Wagner

October 10, 2014

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I set out to do a little blog post about some celebrities you may know who have had weight-loss surgery. I have to admit, it feels funny to do something like this, like it’s an invasion on privacy of people I don’t know! I’ve never been into celebrity gossip or reading People Magazine, but my hope is for this post to come as encouragement as you look upon well known faces that have been public about their success in weight-loss utilizing the tools of bariatric surgery. This is not an extensive list and there are several others…comment below if you’d like to add anyone!

As I started to find “Before and After Photos” I started feeling guilty because none of us actually like to share before photos. I know the before photos of these celebs are likely out there to find, but I ultimately decided to highlight their weight-loss photos instead of before. They will never know, but I wanted to be respectful and focus on the photos that display the health they have found. Best of luck to each of these individuals and best of luck to you!!! – Steph

Also, I tried to provide the photo source on these photos but admit it’s hard to know the original source! 

John Popper – Lead singer of the band Blues Traveler, John had Gastric Bypass in 1999 and lost 200 pounds.


Randy Jackson – American Idol Judge had Gastric Bypass in 2003 and lost about 115 pounds!


Al Roker – Gastric Bypass in 2002 and ran in the NYC marathon in 2010.


Roseanne Barr – Gastric Bypass in 1998

Credit: Tony DiMaio/startraksphoto.com

Sharon Osbourne – LapBand® surgery in 1999 and lost 125 pounds, but by 2006 she had gained back 65 pounds. She is honest about the surgery not solving everything and that she had learned tricks to eat around it. She sometimes blogs for the Atkins website.

Source: ©Broadimage

Star Jones – Gastric Bypass in 2003 with a weight loss of 160 pounds.

Source: Getty Images

Lisa Lampanelli (and husband) – Stand up comedian Lisa Lampanelli and her husband had Gastric Sleeve surgery in 2012.

photo source: “Who Say”

  Graham Elliot– Master Chef Judge Graham Elliot underwent Gastric Sleeve Surgery in 2013.

Actors arrive for the FOX 2014 Programming Presentation FanFront in NYC
Source: TV Guide

Rosie O’Donnell – recently underwent Gastric Sleeve surgery and is now a big advocate for the operation!



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  1. I had my sleeve done Aug/2013 and my blood work came back stating that my Vitamin A and protein are low. The doctor said for me to start back with protein shakes. What can I do in foods?

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