2018 Fall Focus Challenge Theme: Simplify

Steph Wagner

October 11, 2018

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2018 Fall Focus Challenge for FoodCoach.Me Members.


In effort to get focused, first we need to simplify.


Why each challenge has a theme. 

In the last video I shared my heart behind a “Focus Challenge” and why we do them. You can watch that here. 

In this video, I share more about the THEME of this month’s challenge.

I have hosted a handful of challenges now, each one with a theme. The last one was “Consistency” and before that was “Triggers.” I really love themes that help bring up bigger discussions about why we fell off track and how we can get up and try again.

This time around we will focus on how we can simplify things in this area of life. I have been reading a book by Emily Ley called “The Simplified Life” in which I have used to declutter closets, attics, my phone, my computer and my schedule.

Decluttering other things in my life has freed up my mind and brought me peace.

In this challenge we will SIMPLIFY our goals and how we track them. I’ll also share other challenges to declutter things that seem to make reaching our goals difficult.

Live Session in our Facebook Group.

On Sunday evenings throughout the challenge we will have a live chat session in our Facebook group! (8pm Central) We connect with how things are going and what challenges are coming up.

The “vibe” in our tribe is 100% encouragement and positivity. We love encouraging others when someone is feeling down. We give ideas or suggestions instead of forcing opinions.

Discussion will continue throughout the week so you can catch up or post later even though the live session is truly the most fun :) 

New this time around, I will jump on live in our members Facebook group on Thursdays at 12pm (central) with our simplify challenge of the week!

What to do next…

If you are a current member, the enrollment email will arrive October 15th. You’ll simply fill out the enrollment form and then prepare your mind and home for our start date of October 22nd.

If you are not a current member, you can join right now and enjoy recipes, meal plans, videos and join our Facebook group and you’ll be ready to go for our enrollment period!

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