Back to School Meal Planning

“Is it that time already?!” I wonder how many times we use that phrase. In August it’s about school. In October it’s for Halloween. November and December it’s a daily comment…to myself. I don’t have children and haven’t been in school since I graduated with my Masters…and yet I still think in terms of “Back … Continue reading "Back to School Meal Planning"

The To-Don’t List

I don’t normally like focusing on the negative. If you’ve met me, you’d likely agree that I’m a better cheerleader than a tough girl dietitian. I might say “cut that out” but usually with a smile. My personality fits some more than others. Some like the drill sergeant approach, some like to be encouraged and … Continue reading "The To-Don’t List"

Review: Plexus Slim

After I posted my thoughts about the Fat-Flush Water, I was asked to review Plexus Slim – which you may have seen come through on your Facebook feed. I hadn’t heard of the company or the product, so I spent some time this morning researching their website. Because I’m not out to bash/dog/offend any companies, … Continue reading "Review: Plexus Slim"