PaleoFit Meals Clean Jerky

Beef jerky is one of my very favorite go-to snacks. But especially in the summertime. Mainly, because it doesn’t melt and I can keep it with me. Also, because I cram too many errands in during the summer months and need an on-the-go snack. Friends of ours in Kansas City have a wonderful company called PaleoFit … Continue reading "PaleoFit Meals Clean Jerky"

4th of July Parfait!

Who doesn’t love a themed recipe??? I’ve seen some 4th of July ideas come across my computer screen and wanted a fun themed treat that didn’t pack a lot of sugar. Only three ingredients and all the fun, refreshing, summer-type of ingredients! It’s as easy as one-two-three. Ya know, because there are three layers. Happy cookouts, … Continue reading "4th of July Parfait!"

Secrets of a Mom Dietitian

I often receive questions about child nutrition, all the time! If you have those questions, you are not alone. While I do have the education, I do not have my own babies just yet. So I’ve recruited my good friend Terri, Dietitian AND mom to Sadie (& one on the way!) to share her experience with feeding her … Continue reading "Secrets of a Mom Dietitian"

A Visual for the Gastric Sleeve – The “Tummy Tube”

I love this visual to describe the changes in your digestive track after a Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Use this image as a reminder when you make a food choices. This will help you think of what will stay with you longer so you can get lose the most amount of weight with your surgery!