No. More. Procedures.

Upon the list of things I don’t really love…I would list “angiogram” among the top. Ick. Although, it really is amazing what they can do to get into the small spaces of the body to determine what malfunctions are occurring. At some point, however, you stop thinking of how cool it is…and start thinking about … Continue reading "No. More. Procedures."

What a Protein Is…And Is Not.

  With so many foods out there, it can be a little confusing after a while to remember what’s a protein and what really isn’t that high in protein. In this video we’ll talk about what protein sources are the best and (spoiler alert) nuts and hummus aren’t on the list. 

Another Healing Update!

I still can’t say Thank You enough for all the sweet messages during this healing process! I have been asked for an update and finally feeling up to posting something today. (Wahoo!) This has been the theme of the past several weeks: Good morning, bad evening. Bad morning, better afternoon, worse evening. I can say, … Continue reading "Another Healing Update!"