A Visual for the Gastric Sleeve – The “Tummy Tube”

I love this visual to describe the changes in your digestive track after a Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Use this image as a reminder when you make a food choices. This will help you think of what will stay with you longer so you can get lose the most amount of weight with your surgery!

Our Wedding Video!

You may have gotten the peak into our wedding pictures a couple weeks ago. I am SO excited to get to share our 10 minute Cinematic Wedding Video! Eran and Aubs are videographers in Kansas City and I am just plain crazy about their work! They did an amazing job capturing our day. The night … Continue reading "Our Wedding Video!"

No. More. Procedures.

Upon the list of things I don’t really love…I would list “angiogram” among the top. Ick. Although, it really is amazing what they can do to get into the small spaces of the body to determine what malfunctions are occurring. At some point, however, you stop thinking of how cool it is…and start thinking about … Continue reading "No. More. Procedures."