Scrambled Eggs with Black Bean Puree – Bariatric Pureed/Soft Diet

Steph Wagner

July 18, 2017

Scrambled Eggs with Black Bean Puree   I love a good combination of flavors and even a combination of textures that just work. Both flavor AND texture are really important (and difficult) on the pureed and soft diet phases after bariatric surgery. It’s absolutely essential to care for your new sleeve or bypass pouch well … Continue reading "Scrambled Eggs with Black Bean Puree – Bariatric Pureed/Soft Diet"

Easy Cobb Salad – WLS Recipes

Steph Wagner

April 18, 2016

Say hello to my latest favorite recipe. I think I’ll make it again this week! I’ve always loved the flavors of a great cobb salad. The one at Panera is one of my favorites and this easy at home version totally fits the bill! Not all bariatric patients do well with salad. While it’s approved … Continue reading "Easy Cobb Salad – WLS Recipes"

WLS Mini Hamburgers!

Steph Wagner

February 24, 2016

  Aren’t “mini’s just the cutest!? AND they are a Bariatric Patients best friend! I love when things can be made mini. Mini meatloaf. Mini souffles. Mini burgers. Muffins pans are awesome for Gastric Sleeve, Bypass, Band and Duodenal Switch patients, especially when you’re cooking for one. One of my favorite uses is for breakfast … Continue reading "WLS Mini Hamburgers!"