September Member Live Chat

Steph Wagner

September 21, 2020

September Monthly Member Live Chat


Once a month bariatric chat for members of bariatric food coach with dietitian steph wagner


Answering questions including finding motivation and battling sugar cravings


Resources mentioned in the live call:

Bariatric Food List on Bariatric Food Coach

Browse Bariatric Food Coach Recipes

No Cook Meal Ideas

For dumping: look for products with less than 7 grams of sugar and/or 10 grams of fat. Have protein in your stomach prior to having a high sugar food to keep portion small and slow down the absorption of the sugar

Using other sweeteners in canning – resource mentioned from Penn State Extension

More on Dopamine can be found in this lesson in the members video course “Hunger and Bariatric Surgery”

High Protein Hot Chocolate

Leslie Sansone walking videos on YouTube

More on textures of protein can be found in this lesson in the member video course “Hunger and Bariatric Surgery”

Chai Tea Latte recipe for inspiration on how to make something tasty at home!

Announcements mentioned on the live call:

Walk from Obesity on Saturday, September 26th – click here to join our team! 

Enrollment form to join an accountability group


Fall Get Focused Challenge!!

Runs October 5th to November 1st.

Find out more about the challenge on this blog!

Theme announced on this live call: Take a deep breath



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