Chocolate Protein Pudding

Steph Wagner

March 28, 2017

Chocolate Protein Pudding If you find yourself needing a sweet treat in the evening, but you don’t want to totally blow the bank…combining these two simple ingredients can give you just the fix you need. This recipe can also be made using Vanilla, Strawberry or other protein powder flavors!

Chocolate Coconut Protein Shake

Steph Wagner

March 22, 2017

Chocolate Coconut Protein Shake As I’ve mentioned several other times on my protein shakes, add a splash of a flavored extract to your Bariatric Protein Shakes can make allllll the difference in your survival through a pre and post-surgical diet. You can do this!!! And extracts will help. For this Chocolate Protein Shake, we’ll add … Continue reading "Chocolate Coconut Protein Shake"

Green Smoothie Protein Shake

Steph Wagner

February 28, 2017

Green Smoothie Protein Shake     This bariatric friendly shake is certainly on the sweet side. If you are looking for a way to CURB your sweet tooth, this is a great recipe for you! BONUS extra vitamins, minerals and fiber with fresh spinach blended in. Having this shake in the evening instead of a … Continue reading "Green Smoothie Protein Shake"

Sugar Free Strawberry Ricotta Gelatin – Bariatric Soft Liquid Diet Recipe

Steph Wagner

March 13, 2015

Sugar Free Strawberry Ricotta Gelatin – Bariatric Soft Liquid Diet Recipe     After weight-loss surgery, you have to progress your diet slowly back to regular textured foods. To keep stress off your healing Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band, you usually start with liquids before moving to softer foods and finally back to … Continue reading "Sugar Free Strawberry Ricotta Gelatin – Bariatric Soft Liquid Diet Recipe"

Cucumber Feta Rolls

Steph Wagner

August 7, 2014

Cucumber Feta Rolls   Aren’t finger foods cute? I’ve always love appetizers. They allow for just a taste of something fun but very little commitment to choosing it for your entire meal. Not that I normally can’t handle commitment…but perhaps a little when it comes to what food I will fill up on at a … Continue reading "Cucumber Feta Rolls"

3 Ingredient Appetizers – Feta Stuffed Watermelon Blocks

Steph Wagner

August 26, 2013

3 Ingredient Appetizers – Feta Stuffed Watermelon Blocks   Happy week before Labor Day!!!! It’s with anticipation that we look ahead to a long weekend. I posted yesterday about my affection for holidays that don’t consist of a whole lot. Just a relaxing day off you didn’t expect. Hopefully the laundry and errands get done … Continue reading "3 Ingredient Appetizers – Feta Stuffed Watermelon Blocks"